Ultimate banking control at your fingertips

Image Credit: Apple Store, Commonwealth Bank

Image Credit: Apple Store, Commonwealth Bank

In this technical day and age there is nothing like having a little bit of control for your financials at your fingertips, especially since the country had over 11 million smartphones in 2013.

Commonwealth Bank has been at the forefront of digital development for it’s range of banking products for some time now, but has now unlocked a feature which might help some of us out there that temporarily misplace our cards avoid the dreaded the dreaded re-order.

If you are a customer of Commonwealth, you can download the Commbank application for iOS/Android which will now allow you to set security features like set limits on amounts drawn from the account, restrictions to remove international transactions (if you don’t make them) and a misplaced card temporary lock.

If you can’t find the card during your temporary lock, a new card can even be ordered with the app.

These features have been added in addition to the features already available which include Tap & Go (for compatible devices), Internet Banking transactions & the ability to not only find an ATM but be able to take money from it with the app.

The application is available free to those who bank with Commonwealth Bank and something that I believe the other big banks should start taking a page of inspiration from to appease the modern generation of banking customers, many of which do not enjoy the idea of completing processes with operators on telephone calls.

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