Watch Those Updates! iOS Causes Heartache For Some

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As you would agree, many of us share a love hate relationship with our mobile phones these days.

Given the available power in mobile phones these days, they’ve become our computers on the road, extending the tasks to more than just calls and text with many of us taking photos and checking mail on the go.

A few users have been caught unaware of the implications of recent updates to the Apple iOS platform with the release of version 10.3 in recent days.
With some major changes included in the update which change the filesystem that the data on the phone is stored within, a few users applying the updates automatically have found themselves lacking data stored on the device…like photos and texts.

It’s a harsh reminder to those who have done it and failed already that backups are essential things you should complete reasonably regularly, or at least in the event of a software update on devices to ensure data is kept after the update process….especially before a significant update like this one.

I like to run though the process multiple times to ensure that I have actually managed to capture a backup, as there is nothing worse when you manage to wipe a family members device like I have in the past with a major stepping stone.

For those that are not well acquainted with the procedure of a backup with your iOS powered device, Apple has a great little article here which has full steps and screenshots.

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