Do you use WeChat? Maybe you shouldn’t

Last month, U.S. intelligence agencies came out against people using Chinese phones including the apps that come with them. Now according to the Australian Financial Review

Australia isn’t too crash hot on the idea either, at least using the app WeChat for communications. Now I don’t really know anyone who uses WeChat but I know it comes pre-installed on some devices made in China.

This news comes from recent tensions and thoughts of possible espionage from China to get at users data using mobile devices and potentially malicious applications installed on a users device.

In a 2016 report, Amnesty International ranked WeChat and other Tencent apps lowest in a privacy assessment of popular messaging apps. WeChat scored zero of 100, due to its lack of end-to-end encryption and failure to recognise threats or protect freedom of expression. The app remains dominant in China, probably due to it’s convinence and the fact that’s it’s installed on most devices there.

Although this is interesting news, I don’t think many will be effected, even those in high level defence positions whom I don’t think would use the app for daily messaging but might just have it installed on their device by default.

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